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David gets letters, emails, phone calls, and the occasional note tied to a brick through the front window. Here's a selection of some of these missives for your enjoyment.

Thank you for making the best slide I have ever used, hands down!!! Manufacturers who makes slides should stop because yours are way more comfortable and sound better than anything I've used to date.  I didn't know I had a bad slide tone til I used the green glass slide; at that moment, all my other slides became obsolete.  A very big thank you from a guy whose income is based on getting good tone.  I feel like I just got a raise in pay.... Cheers!  - Tony Pasko  (www.tonypasko.com) (July, 2013)

My youngest guitar-slinger, Nicholas Quinton Stewart, just got high highly anticipates, brand-new Booze Blues Guitar Slide, and "... LOVES IT, LOVES IT, LOVES IT.!" I swear he playes slide better today!!!!! handmade by Mississippi's own David Langford, and hand delivered by the one and only Jesse D. Harvey! Thanx Guys!!!!! - Jeff Stewart, Singer for Pearl River

I just got the Booze Blues slides and display this week- what a great product! Great prices, high quality and David is a terrific guy. I highly recommend these slides. - Josh Wolcott, Wolcott Brothers' Music

David, I got the slides today, very nice. I'm taking the clear one with me this weekend. Played them both on acoustic today, no electric yet. I'll keep you posted. I'll have a few days at home next week, I'll send you a copy of my CD. Thanks again, nice work. - Bruce Brown (Charlie Daniels Band)

I have an amber colored slide from you guys. It just retired every other slide i own!!! :) and I couldn't be happier to do so. You are the best. I wish I had some stickers to advertise. David, I cant say enough good things about your product. - Darrenn Walters

David, Just bought a Booze Blues slide at Tupelo Consignment Music from Chad Nolan on a whim (I was traveling for business and wandered into his store and saw the slides). What a difference from the ceramic slide I WAS using. Played my first show with it last night and feel it took my slide tone to a new level. I am hooked and will buy at least one more for a back-up. Awesome product. Nothing like "hand made in the USA". Thanks! - Christopher "Soulman" Soulsby




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